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The very first business we helped in Karamles (in 2021) was the carpentry shop of Estaifan Matti - and it was also the first to be reestablished in the town! You were generous in helping him 2 years ago and he is still going strong! 

It's a joy to report that our support of family businesses in Iraq is growing! Through your generosity we have helped our first business in the town of Karamles. Fr. Ben was in Karamles shortly after ISIS was driven out in early 2017 - he heard the coalition bombs being dropped on Mosul a few miles away. Now Estephan Matti has opened his carpentry business - the first business to be reestablished in the town. He has a family of four and has one employee with a family of five - so once again, Nasarean is helping families survive and thrive in their own countries. One business, one family at a time, Christians in Iraq are supporting themselves and naming a future for their children.