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We are excited to be able to give you a tour of the inside of Aveen Imad Elias' laundry shop in Bartella, Iraq (we only showed the exterior previously).  2 years later, Aveen's business is still successful - another example of how your donations live on, supporting these families for years in their homelands!

I just returned from Iraq, my first visit in two years due to all the Covid restrictions. I was able to visit with our good friends including Fr. Benoka in Bartella where several businesses are based and Father, now Bishop, Thabet. Most importantly I managed to visit 9 of the business we are supporting due to your help. Over the next week or two I'll update you with news and pictures. If you want a more detailed description of the current political situation, and how our Christian brethren are still suffering - look out for my piece at the National Catholic Register. Sadly I could not get in to Syria, despite having a visa - they required a 6-8 day quarantine, which made it impossible. I hope to get there before the summer - please continue to pray for the suffering people in Syria and Lebanon, where conditions are extremely serious.

Today's update shows Aveen and Marwan in their laundry business in Bartella. They are supporting their family with this business and hope to expand! They thanked all who had donated and told me of their commitment to stay in Iraq.

It's a joy to report that our support of family businesses in Iraq is growing! Through your generosity we have helped our first business in the town of Karamles. Fr. Ben was in Karamles shortly after ISIS was driven out in early 2017 - he heard the coalition bombs being dropped on Mosul a few miles away. We have helped a family start a laundromat business in the town of Bartella. One business, one family at a time, Christians in Iraq are supporting themselves and naming a future for their children.