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Fadi Hashem was one of the Giving Tuesday businesses you supported last winter (we sent pics of his incredible carpentry). We're delighted to announce he's been able to purchase his CNC machine & installed it in late Feb. Though times are incredibly difficult for our Lebanese brethren, you're directly contributing to 7 families' survival! See & hear Fadi narrating the installation in the video.

Giving Tuesday 2022: This year we are focusing specifically on supporting businesses in Iraq and Lebanon, either recent start-ups, or businesses that have begun and need our support to thrive. Once again, this can make the difference between a family staying in their homeland, where Christians have been for 2000 years, or leaving and adding to the world migration crisis. In Lebanon, we will be helping for the first time, the carpentry business of Fadi Hashem, who supports his parents and sister. His father, at 90 years old, is no longer able to run the business, which has 4 full-time employees and 2 part-time (7 families helped) - so to ensure stability and a future, Nasarean is offering our support. 

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