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$800,000 reached!

We have some spectacular Christmas news for our beautiful donor family: since our first fledgling days, has donated over $750,000 to help our persecuted brethren in the Middle East. Coffee shops, salons, restaurants, farms, dairies, repair shops, taxis, gyms, bakeries - dozens of businesses and hundreds of families thriving because of YOU and your conviction that it IS important to "do good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the Faith" (Gal 6:10). God bless you all this Christmas season!

We have reached a PHENOMENAL milestone in our fundraising for! We have distributed over $600,000 in donations (or disaster support - i.e., Syria) since our humble beginnings in late 2014. YES, you read that correctly - in less than 2 years, we have doubled the amount of donations (we were at 300k in 2021). We are so grateful for your continued generous support, and our success stories show how you are truly helping the Christian population stay connected to their roots in their homelands, one family at a time.

We have, once again through your generosity, passed a major milestone at Nasarean. To date, we have now distributed more than $530,000 to help our persecuted brethren! This astounding figure is due to all those who have donated, both large and small amounts, and, in a special way, to all those who so generously donate on a regular basis. Thank you so much - and may God bless you! This very week, we sent our largest donation so far to Iraq, to help 7 family businesses. We will have more news and pictures soon, but the businesses include a female-run family restaurant, two farms, a repair shop, and a street vendor business. More than 40 people will have a future and we continue to help Christians stay in their own countries with dignity and hope. In two weeks Fr. Ben will be in Lebanon to look at some of the businesses there, and to see what we can do in the future. Thank you for your support and your prayers!

We have reached a milestone in our fundraising for! Just a few weeks ago we passed the $300,000 mark since our humble beginnings in late 2014. As you know, we initially gave all the money we raised, close to $100,000, to Aid to the Church in Need who were housing and feeding the persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria. After Nasarean became a 501c3 in 2016, we decided on our specific focus of aid and advocacy, with aid being very specifically oriented towards mini-micro financing small businesses, so Christians could stay in their own countries. Our total raised includes that initial $100,000 donated to ACN. We are so grateful for your continued generous support,  and our success stories from our “small but beautiful” charity show how this help is really changing peoples lives, one family at a time.

Here is a video produced by the Armenian Apostolic Diocese of Damascus. We are working closely with our friend Archbishop Armash Nalbandian, the Archbishop of Damascus. This is another sign of the ecumenical character of Nasarean. The video shows the rebuilding of some of the structures in Homs, which is under Archbishop Nalbandian’s direction. We are supporting the training schemes he plans in the new Church centre, which will lead to new jobs, especially for young people. Other charities are helping with the rebuilding. The city of Homs was completely devastated during the ongoing war (people forget the war is still happening) - this video gives you a chance to meet Bishop Armash, who is a wonderful leader, and to see some progress. Your help already created a number of new jobs in Damascus with the hairdressing courses that Bishop Armash organised - we will keep you updated as things progress in Homs.


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