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Have a couple people for you to meet today! Wael and Fares, who are in Damascus, Syria. Watch to the end and see the special gift, one beautifully close to our heart at, bestowed on Fares by a friend.  Fares had planned to open a shop, but a taxi became the best solution for him and his family.

It has been awhile, but we finally have a new family in Syria!  Due to our special partnership with SOS Chretiens we have agreed to support Fares Al-Eid in Damascus. He is married w/ 2 children. Before the war, he was working in a mechanic shop and the Jihadists totally destroyed it along with his house.  His mother and sister took them all in but he and his wife requested assistance to open a small undergarment shop to support them all - so we said YES, we want to help! Hope to have pics within the next couple months. So you have helped another family in a truly devastating area; sanctions have hurt the regular citizens more than anyone else. They need our voices and our support! Thank you!

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