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Do you remember Majid Karoomi and his brothers' demolition business you so generously supported during our 2021 Giving Tuesday? ISIS destroyed their business equipment and they had to rebuild from scratch. Your contributions helped Majid and his brothers get what was needed and keep their employees - allowing 30 people to stay in their homeland - and they're still going strong, as you can see!

As we reported last week, through your help, the Grace of God and, so importantly, the willingness of the Iraqi families to work when helped, all of the businesses we have supported are doing well.  I also visited Majid, one of the brothers running the construction and demolition business in Qaraqosh which we supported through Giving Tuesday. They are all hard workers and are so grateful for all your support! Stories of hope in the darkness!

We have come to this year’s Giving Tuesday appeal! This year we want to focus on one family business in Iraq, because it will employ a large number of people, but requires a larger donation than we normally give. The business is the construction and demolition business of Majid and his three brothers in the town of Qaraqosh, Iraq. When ISIS invaded, they had to flee for three years, with only the clothes they were wearing. On their return, their house had been damaged, and ISIS had stolen all their equipment. They started again with simple equipment. Today this business is the only source of income for Majid and his brothers and their families - a total of 15 people. They also employ up to 15 day workers - so a total of nearly 30 people are being supported. However if they do not get proper equipment, there is no future employment for the families and they will all attempt to leave. This year we want to raise $20,000 to help this business and keep 30 people in their hometown, the ancient Christian town of Qaraqosh on the Nineveh Plain.

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