Fr. Ben's January Trip to Iraq

Father Ben returned to Iraq in the first week of January. The Nineveh Plain (where the Christians were driven out by ISIS) is in a difficult situation - it is “disputed land” and many checkpoints have to be negotiated. Fr. Ben went specifically to make sure we could help some new businesses start in the besieged Christian town of Bartella (he wrote about this situation in the Real Clear Politics article before Christmas - see Facebook). You are helping two Christian families support themselves and stay in place - and have the dignity of making a living - one family runs a small electrical shop - and the other is especially deserving - a young couple with a severely epileptic son living in one room - who is starting a taxi business. The generosity of Nasarean donors has purchased a taxi - we hope for pictures soon! We will also soon be supporting the medical clinic being set up by the brave parish priest, Fr. Behnam Benoka. 

Picture: The young taxi driver receiving Nasarean’s donation to start his taxi business.  Click HERE for more pictures.