A door God opened for us... - News from Lebanon

The beautiful country of Lebanon is suffering greatly, in financial chaos and with many families close to ruin. That’s why it’s a particular joy to report on the good news that the businesses we helped, through your generous support, to get started, are doing very well. Rayanne Abidib, who started a fresh food business, is now thriving! Her business, called “Seize & Squeeze,” is producing fresh bottled sauces - tomato, salad dressing and lemonade. This is providing income for two families and opening doors for two other farming families. Rayanne writes, “the door that God opened for us, was the sole reason behind our decision to make the move and establish a real business.” With a gift of just $7,500, your generosity has empowered a female-run business of Christians to survive and thrive in struggling Lebanon. Thank you!