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A while back we told you about helping Bishop Armash Nalbandian, the Armenian Apostolic Bishop......

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Gospel Nugget 41: Put No Trust in Princes

Our King reigns from the Cross in glory. Although we rightly take part fully in the civic and political life of our nations, following the words of Psalm 146 we “put no trust in princes.” It’s always tempting to place all our hopes in individuals or political programs, but that is dangerous and often idolatrous. The law of God must be the foundation of society - and devotion to the Cross our hope.

GIVE HOPE WITH NASAREAN.ORG, a 501c 3 charity, was founded by Father Benedict Kiely in August, 2014. Based in Stowe, VT, has a twofold purpose – both parts equally important – aid and advocacy for Persecuted Christians throughout the world, but with a particular focus on the Middle East – the “Cradle of Christianity”.


Initially through donations and the Arabic “N” or “Nun” materials, supported the feeding and housing of the numerous Christians refugees in Iraq and Syria.’s unique role in aiding persecuted Christians to stay in their countries is supporting and encouraging mini micro-financing to create small businesses – what we call “Project Jonah” - to help families rebuild their lives, feel empowered, and break the culture of dependency.


Advocacy is the principal work of Fr. Ben’s priestly ministry and includes, among many things – writing, media, speaking - educating and informing audiences about the widespread assault on Christians which is, according to Pope Francis, worse than at any time since the first centuries of the Church.


Show your solidarity with those in need and spread the word about our mission of hope.

"Let us do good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the Faith." - St. Paul