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We are pleased to report that B Band has secured their new instruments!  The 5 members and their families now have a future in Qaraqosh, thanks to your kindness.  May they play many more weddings and events, blessing everyone with their talent, and continue to support their community through the recovery process from last year's tragedy. God bless them and all of you who made this possible!

For a community who had been driven from their homes by ISIS and are still trying to recover, the events of last September in Qaraqosh, Iraq, seemed to be an unbearable burden. Qaraqosh, the largest Christian city in Iraq suffered the worst wedding fire in its history. More than 100 people were killed and more than 100 injured; some are still in hospital.  Yet, through your generosity, out of that darkness, Nasarean is providing hope. The wedding band, known as B Band, with six members, lost all their musical instruments in the fire. This is the livelihood for the band - who are all Syriac Catholics - supporting a large number of family members. We are buying the band new instruments, so that they can rebuild their business and start anew. Once more, you are keeping people in their homeland, supporting Christians who are suffering and providing hope. Thank you for your support!