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Sadly, as many of you know, we had to temporarily suspend our help in Syria due to the great difficulty of transferring money safely. Due to a new cooperation with the great French charity, SOS Chretiens, which works in 7 countries so far, we will soon be able to resume help and, God willing, to start supporting family businesses in Egypt. We are immediately making a large donation to SOS to help victims of the earthquake in Syria, which is receiving very little, due to the unjust unilateral sanctions. The good news this week, following Fr. Ben's recent visit to Iraq, is the success of Wassim's farm in Quaraqosh, which ISIS devastated from 2014 until 2017. With your help, he was able to dig a well - and has turned the brown soil of three years of drought into the green fields of life! This is truly one of our most encouraging - and almost biblical projects - water bringing life, hope and a future to Wassim and his family. Amidst so much despair - little signs of hope for families to stay and have a future!

In these difficult times we have more hopeful news from Iraq, where Nasarean has now helped multiple businesses, giving Christians who were persecuted new hope and a chance for the future. Through your generosity, we were recently able to help several businesses, and we will have more news over the next weeks. This week we highlight the farm of Waseem Farage, in Qaraqosh, which ISIS occupied in August, 2014. Waseem and his family are farming corn, vegetables, wheat and barley, and will have some sheep and calves. Due to the intense drought Iraq has suffered over the last 2 years, many farmers are having to dig wells for irrigation. You can see pictured the equipment. Once more, your help is keeping Christians in their ancient homeland - without jobs there is no hope of a future!

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