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Remember Rouaida?  She and her daughters run a pastry shop in Qaraqosh. Not satisfied with simply maintaining, they have reworked their production to include new kinds of sweets and pastry.  They also expanded the workplace and bought new equipment. Customer demand has also accordingly increased.  A wonderful success story of a women-run business in Iraq - thanks to you!  The one-time donation we made has put them on their feet and continues to support this beautiful family of 8, 4 years later!

We just received an update on the family businesses that you have supported in the Iraqi towns of Bartella and Qaraqosh (which Pope Francis will visit in a few days). Through Project Jonah, helping families stay in their country and not live on charity but become entrepreneurs, all the businesses are doing well, despite suffering from the problems associated with Covid. Cake shop, electrical shop, taxi business and women's boutique, and the new coffee shop: all started through generous donations to - thank you!
Our cake shop in Qaraqosh, a woman-run business, is doing VERY well, even selling product in Erbil!  Once more, we have people not just surviving, but thriving!

See pics of the cake shop in the city of Qaraqosh, Iraq. Your support has enabled this new family business to start and help an Iraqi Christian family have a future after being driven out by ISIS!

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