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Today we have bittersweet news - we praise God that all of our Qaraqosh business owners were not in the recent wedding fire tragedy and are safe. However, Mary, the owner of this lovely salon, needs prayers for her parents who were caught in it and are fighting to recover. Mary has a family of 6 plus 4 employees so her business has an impact on several people. Please keep Mary's parents especially in your prayers and also lift up prayers of thanksgiving - just as Fr. Ben reminded us last week in the nugget - that all of our business owners survived and will be able to support their friends and community through this terrible time.

As we reported last week, through your help, the Grace of God and, so importantly, the willingness of the Iraqi families to work when helped, all of the businesses we have supported are doing well. Pictures here is the Salon for women in Qaraqosh run by Mary, another of our women-run businesses - she is doing well and looking to expand. Stories of hope in the darkness!