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We are very pleased to let you know that we have managed to get some more support into the Nineveh Plain of Iraq to help with our Project Jonah - helping families start small businesses so they can stay in their homeland and thrive.

The new business we are supporting in the town of Bartella is for the family of Mr. Atheer Noah Paulus - he will support his young family by starting a DJ business to play at weddings, funerals and family parties. Your generosity has allowed him to buy all the equipment he needs to start his business - he lost everything before when ISIS drove him from Bartella. 

We have also become aware, through the Pastor, Father Benoka, that there are some families who are not able to work due to sickness - they receive hardly any support from the authorities, so Project Jonah is also funding a family support fund- to give urgent assistance, at the discretion of Father Benoka, to those in special need. The first to receive this help is Mr. Robeen Hekmet Azar and his family. We thank you again for all your generous help! (Mr. Azar and family pictured above)