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The wonderful clinic that Fr. Benoka runs in Bartella, Iraq - with service available to everyone regardless of affiliation - has just moved to a new location. They moved in, got everything setup and ready to go, eager to start helping those most in need as soon as possible.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers!  Your generous donations are covering their staff salaries through April - so necessary for the community and spreads the blessing of your support far and wide!

Remember the lovely Fr. Benoka and the clinic he runs, serving everyone, regardless of religious affiliation?  We're pleased to be able to help them again with 3 mos' staff salary.  Their work is so important and necessary for the community, please keep them in your prayers given the current state of unrest.  More news about the clinic to come soon!

Our GoFundMe appeal to pay all the salaries for the staff at the St. George’s Medical Clinic in Bartella, Iraq, was a huge success, thanks, once again, to all those who support us at Nasarean. We raised a total of $18,777! Bartella was a predominantly Christian town in 2014, when ISIS drove out all the Christians. Now we are supporting the families who have returned in the difficult conditions surrounded by Shia militias.

The end of the year is often the time when people like to make a charitable gift. has launched a GoFundMe to support the work of St. George’s Medical Clinic in Bartella, Iraq. We hope to pay the salaries of all the staff at the Clinic for one quarter - we have already received a gift of $5,000 before we started - so our goal is $11,650 - the clinic treats Christians and Muslims without discrimination.

We have been supporting, through our donors' generosity, the St. George’s Medical Clinic in the town of Bartella, Iraq. With a donation of $10,000 we have paid the salaries of three members of staff for three months. During that time the Clinic helped 1805 people! This is a truly remarkable figure - and the clinic treats everyone in need, not just the Christian population. Through your generosity we hope to quickly send another $10,000 to help the clinic which is in desperate need!