News from Beirut

I returned last week from Beirut, travelling with a member of the Board of Nasarean. The country of Lebanon and its brave people, are suffering greatly as a result of economic collapse, the almost total corruption of politics, regional rivalries, and emigration. The Christian community is dwindling because of all these factors, plus the malign influence of Iran, which has created a state within a state in Lebanon. The average salary has dropped to $70 a month, power is off 22 hours a day and people cannot afford fuel or medicines. Nevertheless, in all these hardships, the people are fighting. We saw most of the businesses we are supporting, through your generosity. Today we see some pictures of the dairy business called Montana Dairy, outside Beirut. Despite all the hardships, they are providing a livelihood for 4 people. Pic on the right features the refrigeration truck we helped them purchase.