Fr. Ben is turning 60! Special announcement

BIG NEWS! Fr. Ben is turning 60 and he has a wonderful announcement + special birthday request for you (and yes, there are baby pics on the donate page)!

After much work and coordination, it is wonderful to announce that, in cooperation with our partner SOS Chretiens, not only has Nasarean returned to Syrian to help support Christian family business, but we are finally beginning projects in a new country! 

We are in Egypt, which has the largest Christian minority in the Middle East, who have endured centuries of persecution and second-class status as Christians. We are initially starting with four projects - supporting a carpenters business, some projects mainly helping women and widows, including a hairdressing salon and herbs & perfume shop, a Goat breeding project and finally a calf farm. All these projects will support numerous poor Christians to start a business, survive and thrive in their own country without leaving. We will provide many more details and pictures when we have them. 

This obviously takes resources, and I would like to ask you to give me a special gift: on the 24th of July this year, I will be 60 years old. Rather than showering me with cash (which is always welcome) I would like to ask you to help raise $24,763 - to support this exciting development for Nasarean - and concretely supporting Christians in dire need. God bless you for all that you have done already, and all you will do in the future!

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