Two more Lebanese businesses able to open!

We are delighted to announce, just before Christmas, that, thanks once again to all our supporters, both from Giving Tuesday and regular donations, we are able to help start two new family businesses in Lebanon. The situation in that beautiful country is absolutely dire, with most of the banks failing, incomes dropping and unemployment rising. Food and medicine is in short supply. Nasarean’s “Project Jonah,” to help Christian families in the Middle East survive and thrive, is now helping several families - and in fact, extended families - and our two new businesses will do the same.

The first is a food business run by Rayanne Abidib, a mother of two, supporting also her parents and brother who have no job. She is starting a food business, mainly preserving fresh foods which have a long shelf-life, like bottled yogurt (Labneh) and jams, tomatoes, etc.  They have begun work, but with our support, will make this a proper business.

Our second business is a Goat Farm, run by Fadi Sabbouh, a married man and father of a one year old girl. He is working in collaboration with a friend - so two families will be helped. Fadi will be buying a herd of goats to produce milk, dairy products (including the famous Labneh). This business has the potential to keep several families and employees.

God bless you for your generous support this year!