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Nasarean is excited to announce we are adding a Board of Advisors to complement our Board. We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell as our Theological Advisor:

Dr. Elizabeth A. Mitchell, S.C.D., received her doctorate in Institutional Social Communications from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross......

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In NYC after the Mass at the UN Church with Frank Gaffney and the brave journalist from Kosovo, Arbana Xharra, who was nearly beaten to death for exposing the Islamic threat in Kosovo....

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Father Ben spent Easter in Albania, where the Church was most heavily persecuted from 1945 until 1991. He wanted to see how the Church recovered after such intense persecution. Pictured is Father Gjergj Simoni, who Father Ben had the privilege to meet on Good Friday – a “living martry”......

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Father Ben was a speaker at a major conference in London on Tuesday, April 10, organized by the Danube Institute.  Among the speakers were some of the leading figures in the UK and Hungary working to help the Persecuted.  Picture of Lord David Alton speaking at the event Read more